Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love black silk organza, smelly old ladies, and bowler hats

All I hear these days is "Check my blog"..."my blog" ...."blawwwwwwwg".

I stood strong for so many years (like, 1!) and now I have finally caved in, like a bit wet mushy piece of ground that you accidently run across and then fall in and break your ankle and end up with a cast on for 6 weeks.......

Well, I suppose it's due time for me to introduce myself... (and yes, you absolutely MUST pay attention and make notes!..get yuurr pen 'n paperrr!)

I'm Zoie! Bonsoir you beautiful creature....

I'm a dot point/short sentence kind of person, and I have a huge tendancy to rant and ramble on about nothing in particular- So if i go on like a broken record, don't hesitate to slap me and scream "raawwwr" in my ear.

A few random thingies about myself:

I have joined the insane world of blogging because of my quirly little business "The Little Vintage Dress Shop" (I'll tell you more about that later)

I'm grossly addicted to chocolate milk.

I'm a VERY bad typer, and a VERY lazy person. So consider yourself lucky if i feel that I should go back and fix misktakes for you (I like to think it increases the IQ of my readers as they have to constantly solve word puzzles whislt reading). But then again, I just blame my keyboard...Lousy laptops!

I'm most definately not a morning person, but love early mornings.....I'm known to stay up all night to catch the sunrise.

I could live off tuna and avocado sushi.

I'm currently writing a styling book.

I dance...badly, in public.

I like excessive use of ".......'s" in my sentences (I think it adds suspense).

I've just discovered that I can change the Font and colour...... yessssss...... I can see us having some fun here.....

I love black silk organza, vintage clothing, smelly old ladies and bowler hats

And well, That's enough of me spilling my random little heart out for you right now....mmmkay!

Hmmm, soooo, bloooooaaawwwww hey?

What shall I write about...Oh right, yes! my little business! I love it muchly so.


The Little Vintage Dress Shop
Far away, in a land of make-believe, the team behind the little vintage dress are doodling on walls and painting pictures of beauty in their minds. They've now decided to share them with you....
Every woman needs a little vintage dress... EVERY WOMAN. So we have now decided to bring out a range of pre loved vintage, with a bit of extra love.
Every piece has been altered, added to, chopped, and well, made to look fabby-dabulous, just for YOU (yes, you!).Capturing every woman's alter-ego, slipping into one of these garments will instantly make you feel feminine, sexy and ready to live in the past, as you slowly drop into the land of make believe. And we don't just sell dresses either, run away from home in cute tops, skirts and handmade accessories...
So Sing, Love, Live and look your best in your Little Vintage Dress.
Well, that's about it for tonight folks......Keep in touchies and feelies, and I'll have more from Zoie.FM tomorrow night.
xxxx Cheers, Love, and kisses xxx

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