Sunday, August 16, 2009

tremors and dillemmas

Well..........sorry, it's been ages.....I told you That i would write sooner....and I lied.....

But now I'm sitting here, a late sunday afternoon and dealing with minor alcohol poisoning, and though, what the hell! I need to work on my blog.

Now, I'm facing quite a dilemma for summer which is coming up rather quickly.... I need to start working on my summer wardrobe (and summer stock) but I just can't shake my insane lust for 'power dressing'.... you know, black, studs, leather, and safety pins....maybe I should marry a punk? hmmmm, but I found this picture today and fell over backwards in love. Isn't it just amazing.

And you might be thinking...hmm, so what's this dillemma you're speaking of Zoie?

Well, i love op shopping, as you may know; considering I own a business in which I have to scrounge through the most unlikely of places to find incredible little pieces. And if you're an op shopper alike- you would know that you have to have a goal, a theme, a style in mind before you take your first steps past the barrier into the moth ball smelling store...

Now, As i have this burning lust in which to buy sexy strong power dressing clothing, I also have a bit of a fetish for little feminine things, like teaulle, pastel colours and flowy fabrics, and yes, ofcourse, little vintage dresses...

SO (finally getting to the point) my inspiration for new stock for the little vintage dress shop, is ALL OVER THE PLACE.!! However, my inspiration for my style is getting even quirkier than it was....

Hmm, yet another rant from the Zoie machine.

So, moral of the story, I'm sorry if new stock for the next month is a little hickel-di-piggeldy (?? wtf!).

Much Love, forever and Always,

Zoie. xx

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