Friday, October 23, 2009

A big thumbs up to an Etsy seller!

I recently went on a bit of an etsy buying rampage, scolling through the wide world of web in a happy-finger, wine induced state, and I happened to stumble across the cutest things I've ever seen!!

Now, as you may know or not, I have a bit of an obsession with tea, and tea pots and tea cups and you may not know that I have a sick infatuation for little itty bitty things.....midgets, little chairs, little pieces of fruit, little teapots, etc etc....

AND, little teapots and cups that I can wear!!!!

oh my goddy god god........

Her Business Name is CuteAbility....and oh my, very super dooper cute indeedies! She's got about 277 things for sale, and they range from USD$9 - $40. But the majority of them are all VERY reasonably priced!!

I suggest that you jump on her page RIGHT now and pick a few things up! They're ADORABLE!!

I dreeeeeaaam of Jeannie

"Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.
Just love how she obeys me,
Does things that just amaze me so.
She smiles, Presto the rain goes.
She blinks, up come the rainbows.
Cars stop, even the train goes slow.
When she goes by She paints sunshine on every rafter,
Sprinkles the air with laughter,
We're close as a quarter after three.
There's no one like Jeannie.
I'll introduce her, To you, but it's no use, sir, Cause my Jeannie's in love with me"

Okay, so I have a little bit of an obsession..... just a tad......

I'm hooked! Maybe it's because they're oh so vair vair fashionable in their original clothing...

But goddy god god, I think I would burst out in a spasm and pee myself if i could raid the wardrobe from the set for I Dream of Jeannie.

Wooooahhhhhhh........ over load.......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

THe Little Vintage Dress Shop is now selling Handmade Brooches!


Yes, that is right!!

We are now selling (and frantically making) handmade brooches with vintage remnants, like old string of plastic pearls and old buttons!!!

Aren't they just adorable!

Now, this picture actually tells a few stories about my day so far.....not really all that fantastic either....

1. you may have noticed that I'm doting a new haircut (i'll tell you about that in a bit)

2. That shirt has now been turned into a really rocking raw edged singlet! To be listed soon!!

3. And I've been frantically making brooches to list, yes that's right, TODAY!! woooooooo!! Going on sale for a mere $10.00 + $6.00 shipping.......... so $16.00 altogether...cute and affordable!

SOoooooo exciting, Pick them up here:
Oh, hmmm, now this haircut I seem to be stuck with..

About 4 years ago, when the bob was in (again!) I was donning it, and rather well i must say. i then had a rather horrific run-in with a bad hairdresser and ended up walking out like I was a lesbian from the 80s.....It was horrible!!

so, ever since I've been chopping at my own locks like some kind of version of edward scizzor hands, layering, chopping and getting a great result every time....
....except for now (kind of).

It was only meant to be a trim inspired by an editorial shoot in Vogue!

Instead, once again I have a bob....... a pretty messy cool bob.....but nowhere near my crazy sex hair I always used to pull off. It was a glamazonian mess. I was known for my crazy hair like anna wintour is known for her bob. I've been booked for modelling jobs just on how amazing my hair is...sorry, was.

And now I feel like I've just broken up with a boyfriend. I'm sulky, I want chocolate, and all that is occupying my mind is all fo the good times me and my hair spent together.....ohhhhh booooooooo, how i miss my ungracious locks!!
Anyway, I've gone from this:

To This....

Oh well....... at least it's not to this:

Things could always be worse!!

Well that's it for now my vintage homies,
xxx Zo. (the now almost hairless vintage donner)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oooooo, I went on a ‘new stock rampage’ the other day and managed to find some pretty cute finds. Just thought that I would give you a quick preview.
There is alot more than this, like cute shorts and pants, but I don't have shorts hanger! So I couldnt hang those up and take pictures of them!

I’ll be getting the photos done by tomorrow, and they should be listed by this Thursday at the latest.

Have a quick squiz, and do take note that these all need a quick iron and that they’re off to the dry cleaners tomorrow after the shoot. xx

Now, as I'm of the caveman variety when it comes to computers (well the internet actually) I couldn't figure out how to leave a cute comment next to each picture without the whole page going awol on me. So I'm awfully sorry, it will have to do with just being boring and plain.....
xxx Zo(ster) xxx

New shoes, business tips and a bit of goofyness

yo'! My vintage crony's!

Welcome to the mayhem! (again!)

You may or may not have realised (which you should have realised, if you haven't realised....and if you haven't, then you need to pay more attention!..Follow me now? Haha) that I've changed it all around..... a bit neater and clean cut dontcha think, and simple.....everyone likes simple yus yus??

I went on a crazy stock rampage today, and managed to pick up a few gorgeous little things to fix up and a wicked pair of shoes for myself for $2.00!! I thought it was a bargain and a half and almost wet myself with excitement. A jolly experience for all.

So I'm pretty stoked about my new stock because I can finally list some better things! I have a bad habit of selling the amazing pieces before I list them on etsy!

Oh, speaking of etsy, I found this AMAZING vintage seller on etsy (no not me! ANOTHER one! Oh my gawwwwwwwd!!!), she uses the most amazing models, and her stuff is just incredible! All very reasonably priced and she's all eco and greeno! So if you're of the vintage-luster variety, I suggest you check her out:

Now above all of this, and most super dooper importantly, I am doing a business re-do-over, re haul, makeover thingy! I'll soon be re-doing my main picture (of the girl with the stockings) and getting a different model and different concept..... which means I have to redo all of the sites which means more hell!!! haha!

Also, I'm thinking of trying a new style of picture for my listings.....If you're a seller I'd suggest keeping posted and see how it goes, I'm thinking fo doing something like this picture on the right.

In my opinion, seeing this as a main listing picture would grab my attention a bit more than the basic "one image per picture" thing. It also gives etsy sellers a better opportunity to use more photos in that 5 space picture allowance. So it's all tops hey!

Oh also, GREAT NEWS! And possibly a heads up for you....I'm going to drop the ebay thing. I've just decided to give all of my etsy customers free registered shipping, all of the time. Since that's started, ive had 3 sales, and have come to the realisation that ebay is NOT worth the $100 a month fees and to only have less than 100views in a 10day listing....Ive managed to get more than that on etsy, I'm all happy really hey!

Anyway guys, I would LOVE to hear from you all, new and old followers alike, give me a comment and let me know what you're all upto, I miss you all!

xxxx Much Love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sulk, I really love this dress......and it is now for sale, I'm deciding to tear it out of my prying hands and pass it on to some lucky owner,

here it is:

See more photos here.

AMAZING little Vintage Dress! Such a rare and gorgeous find. Beautiful, cobolt blue print, just above the knee in length and with a Victorian style high neckline.

Great going out dress, and well, just a great all-year-round piece.
Very Classy, Very Chic, Very Cheap and Very You!

-Eye catching, wow, I love this little number!
-Long sleeved, looks great rolled up, or worn down and buttoned up
- Beautiful pleated hem, great for dancing and boogying, but also looks amazing as you walk.
- Unlined, but has facing in all of the appropriate places.
- Just above the knee in length (shown on a 5’6” model in pictures)
-Front is button up to neck, but has a flap over the buttons to hide them.
- Elastic waistband
- Great design detail on shoulders, a flap over the seam to give an impression on bigger shoulders (slightly), a common feature in garments in the 80’s.
-Great buttons on cuffs of sleeves, and top of neckline.
- Very comfortable
-Very sexy with the right heels!
- Loose fit bust-to fit size 8AUS-10AUS, or 4-6US

All Measurements are taken with the garment lying flat on a table; we suggest that you compare them to a similar item before purchase. All Measurements are taken from the front of the garment only. All measurements are in Inches. Multiply measurements by 2, to get full bust waist and hip measurements.

Bust- 19” Loose Fit
Waist- 12”-17” Elasticized
Hip- N/A Pleated
Shoulder to Shoulder- 16”
Shoulder to Hem (Length) - 34”
Sleeve- 23” Including Cuff
Neck length (measured by moving tape measure around neckline) - 10” (front)

It’s in impeccable condition for its age. No discoloring, no physical faults. The pleated hem has possibly gone out of shape a little, but barely noticeable.

It really is a great piece. I love it when it has its sleeves rolled up and the neck is undone to leave lapels and a V-neckline. Very Casual and chic.
However, for nighttime, with the neckline done up, a good pair of patterned tights and a striking pair of heels its INCREDIBLE! Great length to be slightly provocative if needed ;-).
Great for the late teens, early to mid 20’s and even those stunning 30’s.


Care instructions posted with garment.

All items are professionally laundered before postage.


No refunds if the item doesn't fit- please check the measurements!

*Unique/ One off, Authentic Vintage Piece Only*

Please Check with our Shop Policies before Purchase!! Don’t forget!!

To see our official website, See more pictures of this garment and to hear all of our news and so forth, check it out at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ebay antics, printer possession, and a glorified iPhone!

Ach me mateys, how are ye doing today?

Well, I have a GIANT to-do list today, and well, for the rest of the week. I've managed to drop down to 2 shifts a week at work to get a few things on the roll for my poor starving business. It really needs some tender loving care.

But you'll never guess what! I am now a proud owner of a swanky new iPhone 3gs....... all the nerds are jealous...

But, why is this great? I can now promise my customers that I can get back to them within 4 hours. It alerts me when I get a new email from certain sources (like etsy and ebay) so I can be super speedy and keep those customers happy! *yesssssssss* Go me.

I also got a printer. FINALLY, and I'm on the way to getting a desk soon too. Finally. I'm using my botfriends at the moment and he hates it. I've girlie-fied everthing, neatened up the office and put an old vintage stool in here and a bunch of flowers. hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do to get you working, hey?

Oh, and I also got a whopping $120 invoice from ebay!! I'm trying to beath calmly at the moment about it, for one months work where I sold my good quality rare vintage finds for less than $50 each I almost fell over backwards. They barely even covered their cost of buying them in the first place.....damn you ebay!!!*shakes fist*

But, apart from all of those antics, I'm PUMPED for this week!! I have a few more bsuiness projects on the planning board to get up and running when The Little Vintage Dress Shop starts running smoothly, and I'm SO excited.

Also, when these business ideas start getting put to use, The Little Vintage Shop will start specialising in one off, SUPER RARE, couture/avant guarde vintage garments. Prices ranging from AUD$65-$250+. Yes, super rare. I've found another highly sought after vintage suplier and I managed to get in on the buying list! Woo! How I love them so.

And yes, we will be doing lay-bys! Can't afford the whole cost? Pay it off week by week for a period of time until the whole payment is made, and it will be sent lovingly to you.

Anyway, I have a mountain of paperwork to get through, a few more listings to list on ebay (finishing next wed at 9pm Brisbane Time- follow the clock up the top right on this page) and a few more hopefully on etsy? Hmmmm, I need to conquer the ebay selling technique! It's really bugging me!

Talk soon,

Much Love,



Thursday, October 1, 2009

oh, PS, 5 more followers until a mega giveaway!!

The title pretty much said it......I just need 5 more followers until a mega giveaway!!
C'mon you vintage biatches, let's get movin'!!


off the end of the world, and tumbling rolling up a big grassy mound

Well Well well, hasn't it been a while since I've dropped past here..... i know, I'm a very naughty blogger, I'M SORRY GUYS!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
Well, I have a mighty good excuse to have dropped off the face off the earth......Hum hum, ready fot the news overload,
The Little Vintage Dress Shop is now available on eBay!!!! AND.......wait.......oh, the suspense is killing me.........THE WEBSITE IS UP!!! yabba dabba dooooooooooooooooo!!!! (i've also been watching many episodes of the flintstones aswell).
And then,, ontop of all of that, as if it wasnt enough, I got new business cards too!!!
Wowzwers...... what a past few weeks it has been.....
Welllllll, eBay hey......the ebay world...Personally I hate it; but all of the Etsy sellers would agree that things can get a little slow and unsure of even getting that item to sell. On Ebay, it's guaranteed to sell, you just need to make some clever ways of making sure you get enough profit off the cheap tacky site (sorry ebay).
But yes, the website!!!
check it oooot (pronounced like a scottish man would say)
Now, while all fo this has been happening, I've been finding some really cute little vintage bags, and they're selling like hotcakes too!!
Here's a sneak peek of a few:

This one just sold as I was looking for the pictures to upload onto here..... sorry....

Still have a few more to finish fixing up the photos on, I'm pretty excited about them!! Yippee!
Well, after all of my ranting what have you guys been upto? please comment and let me know! I love diving into your wonderful lives every so often, so please spill on all of the goss!!
Much love to you all,
Zoie (the over excited business owner)