Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ebay antics, printer possession, and a glorified iPhone!

Ach me mateys, how are ye doing today?

Well, I have a GIANT to-do list today, and well, for the rest of the week. I've managed to drop down to 2 shifts a week at work to get a few things on the roll for my poor starving business. It really needs some tender loving care.

But you'll never guess what! I am now a proud owner of a swanky new iPhone 3gs....... all the nerds are jealous...

But, why is this great? I can now promise my customers that I can get back to them within 4 hours. It alerts me when I get a new email from certain sources (like etsy and ebay) so I can be super speedy and keep those customers happy! *yesssssssss* Go me.

I also got a printer. FINALLY, and I'm on the way to getting a desk soon too. Finally. I'm using my botfriends at the moment and he hates it. I've girlie-fied everthing, neatened up the office and put an old vintage stool in here and a bunch of flowers. hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do to get you working, hey?

Oh, and I also got a whopping $120 invoice from ebay!! I'm trying to beath calmly at the moment about it, for one months work where I sold my good quality rare vintage finds for less than $50 each I almost fell over backwards. They barely even covered their cost of buying them in the first place.....damn you ebay!!!*shakes fist*

But, apart from all of those antics, I'm PUMPED for this week!! I have a few more bsuiness projects on the planning board to get up and running when The Little Vintage Dress Shop starts running smoothly, and I'm SO excited.

Also, when these business ideas start getting put to use, The Little Vintage Shop will start specialising in one off, SUPER RARE, couture/avant guarde vintage garments. Prices ranging from AUD$65-$250+. Yes, super rare. I've found another highly sought after vintage suplier and I managed to get in on the buying list! Woo! How I love them so.

And yes, we will be doing lay-bys! Can't afford the whole cost? Pay it off week by week for a period of time until the whole payment is made, and it will be sent lovingly to you.

Anyway, I have a mountain of paperwork to get through, a few more listings to list on ebay (finishing next wed at 9pm Brisbane Time- follow the clock up the top right on this page) and a few more hopefully on etsy? Hmmmm, I need to conquer the ebay selling technique! It's really bugging me!

Talk soon,

Much Love,



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