Thursday, October 1, 2009

off the end of the world, and tumbling rolling up a big grassy mound

Well Well well, hasn't it been a while since I've dropped past here..... i know, I'm a very naughty blogger, I'M SORRY GUYS!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
Well, I have a mighty good excuse to have dropped off the face off the earth......Hum hum, ready fot the news overload,
The Little Vintage Dress Shop is now available on eBay!!!! AND.......wait.......oh, the suspense is killing me.........THE WEBSITE IS UP!!! yabba dabba dooooooooooooooooo!!!! (i've also been watching many episodes of the flintstones aswell).
And then,, ontop of all of that, as if it wasnt enough, I got new business cards too!!!
Wowzwers...... what a past few weeks it has been.....
Welllllll, eBay hey......the ebay world...Personally I hate it; but all of the Etsy sellers would agree that things can get a little slow and unsure of even getting that item to sell. On Ebay, it's guaranteed to sell, you just need to make some clever ways of making sure you get enough profit off the cheap tacky site (sorry ebay).
But yes, the website!!!
check it oooot (pronounced like a scottish man would say)
Now, while all fo this has been happening, I've been finding some really cute little vintage bags, and they're selling like hotcakes too!!
Here's a sneak peek of a few:

This one just sold as I was looking for the pictures to upload onto here..... sorry....

Still have a few more to finish fixing up the photos on, I'm pretty excited about them!! Yippee!
Well, after all of my ranting what have you guys been upto? please comment and let me know! I love diving into your wonderful lives every so often, so please spill on all of the goss!!
Much love to you all,
Zoie (the over excited business owner)

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