Friday, October 9, 2009

New shoes, business tips and a bit of goofyness

yo'! My vintage crony's!

Welcome to the mayhem! (again!)

You may or may not have realised (which you should have realised, if you haven't realised....and if you haven't, then you need to pay more attention!..Follow me now? Haha) that I've changed it all around..... a bit neater and clean cut dontcha think, and simple.....everyone likes simple yus yus??

I went on a crazy stock rampage today, and managed to pick up a few gorgeous little things to fix up and a wicked pair of shoes for myself for $2.00!! I thought it was a bargain and a half and almost wet myself with excitement. A jolly experience for all.

So I'm pretty stoked about my new stock because I can finally list some better things! I have a bad habit of selling the amazing pieces before I list them on etsy!

Oh, speaking of etsy, I found this AMAZING vintage seller on etsy (no not me! ANOTHER one! Oh my gawwwwwwwd!!!), she uses the most amazing models, and her stuff is just incredible! All very reasonably priced and she's all eco and greeno! So if you're of the vintage-luster variety, I suggest you check her out:

Now above all of this, and most super dooper importantly, I am doing a business re-do-over, re haul, makeover thingy! I'll soon be re-doing my main picture (of the girl with the stockings) and getting a different model and different concept..... which means I have to redo all of the sites which means more hell!!! haha!

Also, I'm thinking of trying a new style of picture for my listings.....If you're a seller I'd suggest keeping posted and see how it goes, I'm thinking fo doing something like this picture on the right.

In my opinion, seeing this as a main listing picture would grab my attention a bit more than the basic "one image per picture" thing. It also gives etsy sellers a better opportunity to use more photos in that 5 space picture allowance. So it's all tops hey!

Oh also, GREAT NEWS! And possibly a heads up for you....I'm going to drop the ebay thing. I've just decided to give all of my etsy customers free registered shipping, all of the time. Since that's started, ive had 3 sales, and have come to the realisation that ebay is NOT worth the $100 a month fees and to only have less than 100views in a 10day listing....Ive managed to get more than that on etsy, I'm all happy really hey!

Anyway guys, I would LOVE to hear from you all, new and old followers alike, give me a comment and let me know what you're all upto, I miss you all!

xxxx Much Love,

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