Thursday, October 15, 2009

THe Little Vintage Dress Shop is now selling Handmade Brooches!


Yes, that is right!!

We are now selling (and frantically making) handmade brooches with vintage remnants, like old string of plastic pearls and old buttons!!!

Aren't they just adorable!

Now, this picture actually tells a few stories about my day so far.....not really all that fantastic either....

1. you may have noticed that I'm doting a new haircut (i'll tell you about that in a bit)

2. That shirt has now been turned into a really rocking raw edged singlet! To be listed soon!!

3. And I've been frantically making brooches to list, yes that's right, TODAY!! woooooooo!! Going on sale for a mere $10.00 + $6.00 shipping.......... so $16.00 altogether...cute and affordable!

SOoooooo exciting, Pick them up here:
Oh, hmmm, now this haircut I seem to be stuck with..

About 4 years ago, when the bob was in (again!) I was donning it, and rather well i must say. i then had a rather horrific run-in with a bad hairdresser and ended up walking out like I was a lesbian from the 80s.....It was horrible!!

so, ever since I've been chopping at my own locks like some kind of version of edward scizzor hands, layering, chopping and getting a great result every time....
....except for now (kind of).

It was only meant to be a trim inspired by an editorial shoot in Vogue!

Instead, once again I have a bob....... a pretty messy cool bob.....but nowhere near my crazy sex hair I always used to pull off. It was a glamazonian mess. I was known for my crazy hair like anna wintour is known for her bob. I've been booked for modelling jobs just on how amazing my hair is...sorry, was.

And now I feel like I've just broken up with a boyfriend. I'm sulky, I want chocolate, and all that is occupying my mind is all fo the good times me and my hair spent together.....ohhhhh booooooooo, how i miss my ungracious locks!!
Anyway, I've gone from this:

To This....

Oh well....... at least it's not to this:

Things could always be worse!!

Well that's it for now my vintage homies,
xxx Zo. (the now almost hairless vintage donner)

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