Friday, October 9, 2009

Oooooo, I went on a ‘new stock rampage’ the other day and managed to find some pretty cute finds. Just thought that I would give you a quick preview.
There is alot more than this, like cute shorts and pants, but I don't have shorts hanger! So I couldnt hang those up and take pictures of them!

I’ll be getting the photos done by tomorrow, and they should be listed by this Thursday at the latest.

Have a quick squiz, and do take note that these all need a quick iron and that they’re off to the dry cleaners tomorrow after the shoot. xx

Now, as I'm of the caveman variety when it comes to computers (well the internet actually) I couldn't figure out how to leave a cute comment next to each picture without the whole page going awol on me. So I'm awfully sorry, it will have to do with just being boring and plain.....
xxx Zo(ster) xxx


  1. So that blue and yellow dress is amazing. And I'm totally in love with the white lace tee and pale plaid jumper. As for commenting on pictures try using That way you can turn upload pics, get am html code (which you can copy and paste into your post). Its much easier to comment under pictures that way than if you just upload through blogger. Also I entered into a contest (Project Green Search) to be their next Green It Girl. My last post has a link that you can click to vote for me. I need all the help I can get to win!

  2. so funny! i have that very same P.G.E. oatmeal cardigan to list in my shop! i quite like that little jackety-cardigan!

  3. @ Lauren: Really!!!

    Oh my gosh!!!

    That PGE cardigan sold within an hour of listing....I was quite surprised really.....

    haha, oh my, I have to see that listing!

    @ Kandace:
    Oooooo, I will vote for youuuu!!!!!! yaaay!

  4. i think that everything in this post would be a very much needed addition to my wardrobe! especially the white crochet/lacey top. yum x