Thursday, August 27, 2009

100 Days and The List- Read this NOW.

Okay okay I know, I haven't been posting all that many "fashiony" things on here, like I should do as a respectable fashion designer.....but eh, I get a bit over it ya know.....Actually I'm a bit over life at the moment. Well, um I was until the last week anyway.

I went to the coast the other day (as you all heard in my last post about nothing in particular), and on the way I happened to have witnessed one of the most horrible car accidents ever...well, it wasn't that bad, it was just a horrible story.

With ambulances surrounding the area, and the roads diverted I was a little excited to see what had happned. "ooo, er!! Maybe I might see a dead body! How cool!"

How wrong I was....

As we drove through the designated driving bit, I layed my eyes on this thing on the road with a white sheet over it.... "how strange" I thought, until I saw the sneaker sticking out the end......Oh my god, a dead body. It really shook me and even bought a slight tear to my eye to think that someones loved one, someone's friend, someone's primary school crush had just been killed in a horrific car accident and were laying on the side of the road with a white sheet over there mangled body.

Not so cool anymore.

I watched the news that night and heard the story. I young girl had broken down on the side of the highway. Nothing major, so she called her parents to come and pick her up. Here mum and dad came to pick her up and were standing behind the car at the boot, while she was getting her things from the front seat. At that moment someone suddenly slammed into the back of the car, killing the girls parent's instantly and pretty much chopping them in half. The father was a community worker who worked with the homeless in the area, and the mother did the same kind of stuff. Both of them were loved immensly in the community and it's a huge loss for pretty much everyone- mostly the daughter, who saw her two parents get chopped in half from a careering car.

Anyway, this got me thinking about death, and how one moment we can all be happily frollicking around and then all of a sudden we get slammed into two pieces by a sudden and totally unexpected death. What if all a sudden we die tomorrow and we've done NOTHING with our lives, as most of haven't.

Yes, we do our daily chores, and get through our workload and pay off our mortgage, rent, or those new stunning balmain heels you've invested in, but none of it is actually ACHIEVING anything in this short time of space and time called "life" (as gorgeous as those heels are...i know). None of us are actually feeding that deep lust that we push to the back of our conciousness to put "more important" thing first.

The majority of us are unhappy, lazy, fat, and suicidal. None of us actually realise that we can do ANYTHING.....but we choose not to. We choose to be stupid, lazy and spend our time on the internet. And I'm not preaching, I do all of that (like right now). I come home, sit infront of the Tv and veg out, becuase "poor me, I've just had such a hectic day at work.". I never come home and design and make a gorgeous piece of art that could start a new fashion era.....And I have the recources and the knowledge to do it too....

None of us are living to up to our full potential. You know, we're richer than the majority of the world, and we don't see half of the things the people living in "poverty" do.

They see family, communities that look after each other, they're so poor that they grow they're own food- but they get to see the beauty of watching things grow. So it really makes me think, how can I be SO much richer and so called "wealthier" than the majority of the world, and be so stupid to see it.


I've made a little A5 visual diary into a thing called 100 Days. I will let this little book control my life for the next 100 days. Every day, I must do something special to put in this book, weather it be going for a walk through a flower garden and picking a flower to press and out into it. I WILL do something, anything, every day for the next 100 days.

Now, with this book I've also made a list. The List..... this list is pretty much a random list of things that are nothing extrordinary, but things that I think will make me a better person, if not a much more interesting one. I have the next 100 days to do all of them, and I will tick each one off as I go........

The List is as follows:

  • Learn to speak a conversation in French (just a small one, nothing like speech about fine art or anything)
  • Learn the history of fashion and be able to tell the difference between eras and understand how and why the styles changed. (only coz i can't remember a single thing from fashion college)
  • Learn to read quickly and remember it.
  • Go camping and play flashlight tag.
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Watch a Chrysalis turn into a butterfly.
  • Find my way out of a maze.
  • Learn proper grammar.
  • Conquer a fear.
  • Learn to do the hokey pokey on rollerblades
  • Learn to say nice things about people instead of spiteful things.(something I've picked up from years in the fashion industry)
  • Build my vocabulary and learn to spell properly.
  • Sleep outside and watch for falling stars.
  • Grow a vege garden. Nourish it and love it eat it and enjoy it.
  • Plant a tree seedling- keep watching it as it grows over the years to a full tree. (obviously this won't happen in 100 days, but I can plant the seedinling at least)
  • Try weird food. Eg. Oysters, eel sushi, etc.
  • Learn sign language, and have a small sign conversation with a deaf person.
  • Develop the art of listening without interrupting and remember what is being said.
  • Learn to tell the time and direction by using the sun.
  • See the stars through a telescope.
  • Learn to turn OFF the TV!! And do something else instead.
  • Learn to clean a room before leaving it.
  • To make a conscious effort to watch my bad language.
  • Learn to dance/Take Dance lessons.
  • Write a letter to an editor- any editor at all.
  • Learn to deal with the bullies in life.
  • Learn introductory algebra….again….
  • Be greatful for EVERY moment and EVERY event that I have the pleasure to live.
  • Read a piece from Shakespeare
  • Clean out the clutter from my life, and bedroom.
  • Write and shoot a 30sec film on a digital camera and upload to YouTube.
  • Listen to a thunderstorm (in the dark preferably)
  • To order, and drink a: Non Fat, Double Hot, Decaf, White Hot Chocolate Mocha. (why I don't know,...just for shit's and giggles....oops, my language....)
  • Develop excellent English and be able to speak without using made up words, foul language or poor grammar.
  • Learn to play an instrument. Any instrument at all.
  • Stand under a waterfall.
  • To finish everything that I start.
  • Sculpt a figure/make a sculpture
  • Go to the Zoo.
  • See a live production. (Play, concert, opera, ballet, etc)
  • Learn about art and be able to tell the difference between Impressionist and modern art.
  • To make sure that I eat 3 healthy meals a day.
  • Make my own bread.
  • Roast a chicken from scratch. Buy it WHOLE. Gut it, stuff it, cook it and eat it. We need to know where our food comes from and how it's prepared.
  • Shop at a farmers markets.
  • Learn about ancient rome, and understand how a city that had everything, fell to pieces.
  • To be able to point out 15 countries on an unmarked map, and to point out where I want to venture and why.
  • Make a friend that doesn’t look like me or speak my language.
  • To brush, Floss and rinse my teeth twice a day.
  • To Save money. As much as possible. Every cent…
  • To give thanks Every morning, Every night, every meal, Every moment, every action. (I'm not a religious nut, but gives thanks to anyone, even no-one. Just be greatful)
  • Get my license.
  • Develop maths good enough to understand credit card offers with different interest rates, and annual fees and calculate each one.
  • To learn to make a point by looking someone straight in the eye without twitching and using the word “like”.
  • Write thankyou notes. To everyone.
  • Improve my posture
  • Learn memory tecniques.
  • Learn to drive in rush hour traffic, in rain, and on tight roads.
  • Make daily goals and achieve them.
  • Sell a piece of my own art
  • Learn to live off cash
  • Set up my website…properly.
  • Create a lemon powered digital clock.
  • Play monopoly
  • Recite poetry, to help to to speak properly and hopefully get rid of my very small but noticeable stutter when i read aloud.
  • Learn to palm read (even if it’s not done properly)
  • Lean about human phsycology and social behavioral traits.
  • Learn to write with my left hand.
  • Recap and relearn if necessary, my 2 year fashion course.
  • Learn to eat PROPER 70%+ chocolate.
  • Learn to put my hair up with only a pencil.
  • Learn to do a ‘back walkover’
  • Have a cocktail ‘gathering’ and canapĂ© party at my house.
  • Learn to make a daisy chain
  • Make home-made lemonade
  • Do a mind puzzle/game every day.
  • Learn to have an outlook of love and peace to every situation, and person.

Well guys, I know it was long, But Let's live our lives, C'mon let's do it!! Let's have fun, and live our lives to the fullest! Write a list of your own that you want to do in the next couple of months and slowly tick them off when you're satisfied that you've learnt it! If you're a little bit stuck for ideas, walk around a library, that's about as much stuff as you could ever want to know about, all in one building, how cool is that!

Even copy and paste it as a comment on here and we can all see what we've achieved by december!

Stop sitting around doing nothing with this amazing opportunity that we've been given, becuase when we're old and dying and we realise that we never got the chance to learn how to do the hokey pokey on rollerblades, there's no time left......

...........I DARE YOU...................Go on, do it..........


  1. Wow, what a life changing experience! You are right...I'm the sort to complain and complain, but not do much to change things. Your list is awesome. I think I need to make one...maybe a little shorter though. Life is precious and we should live life knowing it is.

  2. I completely agree - we all need remember how precious our lives are. I'm going to put a little extra effort into appreciating my own life today. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Do it! You find yourself being a lot happier too :)

    Well, I made my own bread today and I just learnt how to tie my hair up with a pencil....ha! Handy!

  4. I've thought about posting something like this on my blog, more of the things I procrastinate will be interested how making a written comittment on your blog works for you! Hope it works wonderfully and I get motivated now, too!!