Monday, August 17, 2009

Ahhh, A new background??

Hey Vintage Homies,

Hey, just changed my background? Was thinking what you all thought of it?
You know, vintage dress, vintage floral print, bleugh bleugh bleughhhh......

Anyway, IDEALLY i would LOVE to use a really plain background one with a really light vintage lace print in the background...but heyyyy, who woulda thought it would be so friggen hard to find something so simple and, people these days....

Anyway, the soy candles!!! The scent has now taken ove rmy whole house!! I've had to move them outside because I woke up with a headache from them this morning....

Hmm, oh oh oh!!! Alcohol poisoning is GONE, and fat from the 4 cheeseburgers I ate yesterday has ARRIVED! Oh joyyyyyyyy :)

So detox this week it is....... starting form tomo morn :) Right now it's hot chocolate time.

Must be off, let me know about the background and if you know of anywhere where I could pick up a really simple one.

Much love my crony's.


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