Tuesday, August 25, 2009

daisies, mexican beer and a patio with a view.....

ahhhhhh chuuuuuuu....... back in the blogosphere.....

Well, summer has very quickly arrived. And I have very quickly turned to being in denial. And also turned to being sick.

Not intentionally ofcourse.

I posted a little while ago about my candles, and how much I loved all of those little candles, and how much joy so many candles could bring to me.....Anyway, turns out that falling asleep with burning candles in a closed room is very bad for you..........ANd now I'm sneezing, a nose as dribbly as a a wet soppy thing that dribbles....blllleeeeeuuuuuaaahhhhhhh......

Anyway, I've has a pretty emotionally and spiritually draining week. I went to the coast for a couple of days last week. All I did was listen to beautiful world music, read a couple of books, sit on a patio in the sun with beach views and drink mexican beer. I did a little bit of gardening and ate alot of fresh fruit picked straight from the tree. Now, all I want to do is run away, and do that for the rest of my life. I've never felt so fullfilled.

But now........I'm back in the chaos of the city, with a very narrow minded flatmate and boyfriend, stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city and the pressure of work, my business (not that I'm complaining, I love my business to bits!) and I just keep feeling like i want to run away become jobless and just sit in the sun with the breeze in my hair for months on end....but oh well......

Well, I have the next 3 days off and I'm going to try top potter around the house and bring in some summer luvin'..........Not like that, you sick minded person! Haha. I'm going to play some french music, open all of the doors, light some more candles and plant some seedlings and watch them grow :-)

Pretty much a pointless post today really.......just wanted an excuse to draw (badly) on paint and make sure that you all know that I'm still alive, breathing, farting and consuming as much food as I possibly can.....Oh, and fixing up vintage clothing for you all.......

Best be off, my sore dribbly nose is screaming out that it needs some beauty sleep.......at the state that it's looking now though, it might need a beauty coma.......I look like rudolph......
Eh anyway, many sneezes, sniffles and tissue hugs,



  1. I adore candles...and candle shops, but during the summer when my sinuses go haywire, candles and...well...any "smelly shops" (bath and body shops, perfume counters in department stores) and just a sure way for me to end up with a massive headache!

  2. Lovely blog and love your cute figure drawings here. Hope you have a nice few days off!

  3. AlyGatr:
    ......Ha! Alligator.....just clicked!! But yeah, I'm sneezing at everything lately too!! And it feels like my throat has just totally dried out and now I have nothing but a dry scratchy feeling...hmmm.....not too good....

    And Black Rose:
    And thankyou for your lovely words!! I love your blog too!, I just dropped past. And just so you know (not too rub it in or anything) I'm having a terriffic time on my days off!! haha

    much love xxx

  4. Actually, Black Rose- I LOVE your page....I can't believe I just stumbled upon it before I post my next post on, you guessed it, living life as your dream.

    The link that's on your name though, is that your blog??? And if so, how do I follow? I want updates!!!