Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snnek Peeks for Next Weeks eee how exciting !

Okay, well, I've been REALLY slack with posting things about my store.....

So here's the speel, I love vintage clothes. Always have been and most likely will always be. I love the fact that there's memories attached to each one.

I picked up a piece the other day from an elderly lady (the pink dress, below) and I got the whole speel about how much she loved it, because her first husband proposed to her in it. I'm so chuffed, and it's such a beautiful dress. ... I'd probably propose to someone if i saw them wearing that dress :)

I've been working on this business for about 5 months now, on and off, and slowly building it up as I get enough time. BUT, when I get my list over and done with, I'll really start to focus on it, as I suppose I'm using it as a stepping stone to my fashion label, which I only do rare one offs at the moment.

ANyhoooooooo, you can buy my stuff online at
Things start from around $20USD- $80USD at the max.

There will be an official "The LIttle Vintage Dress Shop" online store soon, but I'm having a few difficulties setting up the shopping cart, and I'm a little worried it may be a bit didgy, so I want to sort out all of those knots before I launch it. I'm also thinking about holding a charity fashion show/ business launch early next year in Brisbane, Australia. Let me know if you'll be around then and would be interested in coming- I'll send you out an invite.

Anyway, NEW LISTINGS...(woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppeeeeee!)
Are as follows (hum hum):


  1. Love the finds!That pink dress is incredible, it left me speechless.


  2. it is incredible isn't it....It's only $42USD too......It will be up for sale on etsy by tomorrow :)

  3. lots of cute things!! i love the light pink dress.