Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Giveaway- race to 50!!

Yo' my Vintage Homies!

Guess what! I've officially got 42 followers.....awww shucks........ I just wanted to thank you guys for follwoing and listening to my rambling on and I hope you enjoy it!

Anyway, the main reason I started this blog was to host a giveaway from The Little Vintage Dress Shop. So, here's how it will go. When I hit 50 followers, I will host a giveaway. So, get your friends to just click "follow" in just a couple of days time, I will start the giveaway.

By then, I will have chosen 3 things in which you have a choice to keep whichever you like the most OR a $35 gift Voucher to use in our etsy shop.

Things to choose from will either will be either a dress, a bag, or a couple of accessories. The $35 gift voucher can either be given to a friend (don't hold me to this one- I've got see how I can manage this on etsy?) or you can buy something with it, or add it to the end off your order to take $35 off the total price.

Now, you're wondering how you get to score some of these Vintage goodies. Well- All you need to do, is write a quick comment on the post in which I launch the Giveaway, and then talk about The Little Vintage Dress Shop as much as you can online- Tell your followers, write an article, run around the streets screaming random things- the choice is yours, BUT you must be the biggest promoter....or you lose. It's a bit of a race, so get your selling socks on, and go nuts. The person who promotes me the most- wins the Giveaway. I will be able to check on who writes the most by checking out their blog (this also gives me a chance to have a looksie at all of your wonderful blogs)

Okay, now I know that is alot of information in one mega sized hit so, in a shorter version:

  • Get The Little Vintage Dress Shop upto 50 followers.

  • When I launch the Giveaway (you'll know when I do) Comment on the post letting us know that you'll be partaking, don't forget to add links in which you'll be Promoting The little Vintage Dress Shop- we don't want your hard work going unnoticed.

  • I will post a post on what will be up for grabs in the giveaway. It will be either a $35 gift voucher, ONe dress OR a selection of accessories.

  • Promote your socks off- write about The little vintage dress shop as much as you can.

  • We will have a look around and see who promotes us the most.

  • a post will be posted with the winners details, we will also email you, or contact you to let you know.

  • Choose either a $35 gift voucher to redeem in the etsy store, or choose either one dress, or a selction of accessories.

  • We will post the goodies out to you free of charge.

  • yay!


Moving on........guess what!! I've ticked a few things off my list!!

I can officially tie my hair up with only a pencil!! I tried to take a picture, but it wouldn't quite show up...I will post a post on how to do it in the next couple of's so cool! Because I'm one of those sad people that buy a packet of hairbands and happen to lose them all in a matter of weeks.....and I canNEVER find a hairband!!!

Also, I baked my very own loaf of bread!!! It was AMAZING....... I had to take a few pictures... It was sourdough loaf, with olives and cheese melted ontop....It took 2 days to rise, then another day when I added the second part of the mixture....and it was eaten within 3 hours... so worth it. It was very heavy, so you could only eat one piece at a time, but it's so morish..... probably not the best thing to bake again...but the average loaf costs about 35c (including the olves and cheese) and it's so much better for you than store bought bread.......

so i get some ready for the next 18 hours rise, and sit in the corner for the next week stuffing my face full of homemade bread...

Oh, I'm off to New Zealand in a couple of months. Kiwi land. Land of the sheep. So will be doing alot of op-shopping while I'm over there..... can't wait........

Well, I best be off..... have alot of things to do sitting on the couch and relaxing...had a hectic day at work today.....and also coz i'm having a hot love affair with the couch :-P

Much love vintage-ers....



  1. What a great idea. Your shop has the coolest clothes. I really adore that yellow wintage vest. Anyway whoever wins this contest is one lucky girl :)

  2. that actually sounds really good lol
    follow me please and tell me what u think