Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aaargh! Websites shwebsites....

The OFFICIAL website's on it's way!! Woohoo!! But I can't put my logo up the top of the page for some reason?!! Which is a bit of a bother...But it's looking preeeettty swanky!!

Very exciting!!

Oh, And i bought the most adorable dress yesterday!! It's this little floral number, and I've called it "The Little Vintage Floral Dress". Heh, hmmmmm however I'm thinking I might keep it for myself......

Ohh, also, I'm thinking about doing some snazzy sales every month...Like, with every little Vintage Dress that you buy, get a Belt for free! Or buy A belt for only $6! Or something like that....? Hmmm, but until then, I've gotta struggle with this website....and get some business cards printed! Yaay.. ah, still only early stages now though...

Oh, also, I bought some soy wax candles the other day, and they're DEVINE! 5 for $10, and you know what's even better, they burn for 9hours each, AND, you can use the melted wax as a massage oil......oooohhhh la la.......

Anyway, i got a little bit carried away before and lit them all up, and then got a little bit snap the house smells like ylang ylang, lavender, vanilla and all of those sickenly sweet scents...mmm very relaxing.....

Oh, sorry my sense of humor has gone.....Alcohol poisoning and all.......

Lots of love, mcdonalds cheeseburgers, and vomit,
your beloved Zoie. xx


  1. the dress is really adorable! I would keep it for myself too hehe!


  2. Love the dress! I'm with helena - I'd keep it too :D

  3. But the population need it!! It;s my duty to pass these things on to other vintage lovers.... but hmmm, it's for sale...if it doesn;t sell for a while, I'll keep it..... :) if not, then oh well

  4. Took a look because of the thread on Etsy, going to follow as you write in a really entertaining fashion! Will let you know when my giveaway is up and running :)

  5. *Cute* dress! I'd keep it, for sure. But it's not so good for business then!